Back in the Fray


I looked up “back in the fray,”  and the meaning I liked best was back in the struggle, or back in the fight.  This struck me as apt as it has been several months since I took out my chemicals. After the last shoot there was a heatwave of several days over 40 degrees celsius. Thus, it was with great trepidation that I brought forth my chemistry. Fortunately,  it seems to have survived the extreme heat. It is uncertain whether I was more excited or nervous about shooting my wonderfully strong faced sitter.

Among the challenges of the day were an excited puppy jumping on the sitter, a small child running riot and gloriously changeable light that shape shifted with diabolical swiftness between soft diffuse light and high contrast harsh shadows. Not my best work, and it was something of an ordeal but nonetheless I am glad to be back in the “fray.”

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