I have just begun a journey of exploring the addictive world of tactile and frustrating glass wet plate processes, a journey with infinite possibilities of mishaps, misdemeanors and possible explosions. So far I have learned, never under any circumstances begin this process hungover. I will be recording not only my successes but the many failures, both out of interest and because I love that it is such a risky business. It makes the beautiful images so much more worthwhile, I like to revel in the processes. I hope you enjoy the images I put up and if you have any questions or observations they are more than welcome. I hope that this blog may inspire more people to explore alternative photography processes, as it is a challenging, hands on and magical world, and it is definitely NOT DIGITAL.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Emma,

    I’m in a Sydney string band called The Rusty Spring Syncopators and we’ve been on an endless quest to engage a wet plate collodion photographer to photograph our band. We’re really nuts about the feel and clarity of these kinds of photos and we really admire the plates you’ve made. If you’re interested please let us know and we can negotiate a price. Here’s a link to our bandcamp -> http://therustyspringsyncopators.bandcamp.com/

    Jack B. Latimer

  2. I’m loving your blog. These short and simple lessons on the wet plate process are perfect. I can’t wait to get involved in this process and put some of your lessons to use. Brilliant images and Great content here. Well Done.

    I can’t wait to learn from more of your stunning work.

    Gregg McNeill

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