Bubbling Emulsion

I have taken a temporary hiatus from shooting glass plates as I kept getting sinus infections, even though I was wearing masks. I am missing it at the moment and dug up this old plate.

The emulsion is bubbling, in a warped striated pattern, and peeling.

Kurt Sorensen: Wet Plate Interview

When I first began attempting the wet plate process, friend and amazing artist Kurt Sorensen was just moving into this process having previously been working with medium or large format film to create evocative dreamlike landscapes, steeped in Australian colonial history. Quite often I have found myself ringing Kurt to ask if he has experienced the […]

Fractious Light and Fortuitous Scratches

 It has been a while since I posted, so I thought I would post an image from my most recent shoot.  I had trouble with exposures, it looked like a beautiful sunny day, and all the digital images I shot were perfectly bright. However the Ambrotypes were all terribly long exposures. The patient sitter was there […]

Back in the Fray

I looked up “back in the fray,”  and the meaning I liked best was back in the struggle, or back in the fight.  This struck me as apt as it has been several months since I took out my chemicals. After the last shoot there was a heatwave of several days over 40 degrees celsius. […]

Lesson 6: Collodion

I see collodion as the stinky volatile friend at the party who makes it interesting, but potentially explosive if they drink too much. Collodion  is mixed with iodide, bromide or chloride. Collodion is used for it’s properties as a base that sticks to the glass, a gel that is the canvas for the image. It […]

Lesson 2: Fix the image correctly

  So I have created several plates and much to my horror and dismay have realised I didn’t leave some of them in the fixer for long enough. There is a positive side to this, I was able to watch the deterioration of one image which was very interesting. The downside of course, I lost […]