Lesson 1: Wet glass plate photography requires UV light

The first person I tried to shoot sat for a full day and I had no luck. I felt abject and despondent. Maybe I’m not cut out for this? A whole day wasted and smug blank glass plates … I  finally realised that the filtered sunlight coming through the window didn’t contain enough UV light. Headslap… So I took my next sitter outside. I also filtered the silver nitrate solution twice (just in case) I needed to take out any impurities. Silver Nitrate is one of the most important chemicals in the process. It sensitises the Collodion solution to light and enables the image to appear. Silver Nitrate likes sitting in sunlight and likes staining your skin. Safety note: Too much silver nitrate in the bloodstream = bad (mad hatter bad), wear gloves and safety goggles.

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